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The Farm Stand

The Farm Stand is ready for business! Dan Erickson of Erickson Woodworks Co (aka 'Little Dan') with the help of Farmer Joe, built us a mobile produce stand. From the metal roof (scraps from our old pole shed) down to the antique John Deere running gear its built on, it sure is a beaut. It is fitted with paned windows and two sets of custom made cedar double doors. It was amazing to watch it transform from our design sketches to the final product. String lights, bushel baskets, chalkboards, and signage made for the finishing touches.

How does it work? On the honor system. Stop on by the farm. Pick out the produce you want. Leave money in the cash box. Its that simple.

What's in the garden? Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Greens, Herbs, Yellow Squash, Zucchini, Green Beans, Egg Plant, and more.

When is it open? To be determined. We are really just starting to have produce ready to sell! We are thinking Wednesdays and weekends. We will keep you posted!

Who's ready for delicious garden fresh tomatoes and greens for BLTs?!! We are.

Soft Farm Stand Opening!

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