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Top 5 Reasons To Buy a Beef Half or Quarter

Purchasing a beef half or quarter directly from a farmer is an exciting investment. You may be asking yourself is .. "Is it worth it?" Here are the top reasons our customers say they buy beef halves and quarters.

1. Access to Superior Quality Meat

The large farms that supply grocery stores seek first to produce the most efficient, least cost meat possible. They often use industrial farming practices and produce in mass quantities. In contrast, small farms who produce to sell direct to local customers raise far fewer animals. Their focus is on quality rather than quantity. Unlike factory farms, we believe animals that are well cared for and allowed to finish naturally, without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics result in the highest quality, most delicious beef. We choose to trade off cheap efficiency for quality.

2. Great Price

Buying in bulk as a beef half or quarter is the most affordable way to purchase premium meat direct from a farm. Most farms charge based on the hanging (carcass) weight of your steer so you really are paying for what you get.

3. Custom Cut to your Preferences

Your beef is sent to a local butcher to be custom cut and wrapped to your specifications. You will work with the butcher to determine your cutting instructions. Not big on roasts? No problem. Grind them into more ground beef. Want your steaks cut extra thick? You get to choose! Custom cutting allows you get the very most out of each pound of beef. Your beef will be hung and dry aged for about 10 days allowing the natural enzymes to tenderize and further enhance the flavor. It will then be cut and wrapped per your instructions and deep frozen.

4. Single Sourced, Consistent Product

Believe it or not, one pound of ground beef at the grocery store can come from over 100 different cows of mixed breeds, ages, and farms with varying feeding/handling practices. Who really knows what you are really getting in that package of ground beef off the grocery store shelf. When buying a beef whole/half/quarter your beef will be single sourced from one steer. Your farmer will be able to share with you everything you would like to know about the steer you are purchasing. We have spent years developing our genetics, nutrition, and handling practices focused on producing the best beef available. These farming practices result in consistent results. You can expect the same, top quality beef every time you order.

5. Convenience

When you buy a beef half/quarter you are ensuring a supply of beef all year long. No extra trips to the grocery store. Just swing by that freezer of yours and pick from the variety of beef cuts.


Bottom Line. Buying a beef half or quarter is the most affordable way to fill your freezer with premium, all natural beef directly from a farmer you trust.


Now lets talk about the investment.

  • How much will it cost?

When buying a whole/half/quarter beef you have two costs. You will pay the farmer for the beef and the butcher for custom cutting the beef to your specifications. Both are charged based on the hanging (carcass) weight of the steer. Below are our average hanging weights, pricing, and typical processing costs.

Avg Hanging Weights

Half: 370 - 400 lbs

Quarter: 180 - 200 lbs

2019 GFF Beef Prices:

Half: $2.50/lb x hanging weight

Quarter: $2.65/lb x hanging weight

Beef Processing Cost:

Approximately: $.60/lb x hanging weight

For a beef half with a 400 lb hanging weight you will pay: $3.10/lb ($2.50 + $.60) x 400 = $1,240

  • What size freezer do I need?

Half: 8 – 10 Cubic Feet

Quarter: 5 – 8 Cubic Feet

NOTE: You can get a freezer from your local Home Depot or Menards for $150-300 depending on the size you are looking at.

  • How do I order?

Find a local farmer to buy your beef from. Ask them questions about their farm and their practices. Often they are more than happy to have you stop by and even see the farm yourself.

If you are in the Southern Wisconsin or Northern Illinois area and looking for premium, all natural beef we would love to be your farmer. Give us a call, send us an email, or contact us through our website. We would be happy to share more about our beef, our farm, or more about buying bulk beef.


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