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Hard Work for Happy Cows

Lots of busy days on the farm this Spring. The farm sits on the corner of two roads that have had large expansion projects recently completed. Aside from losing a bit of acreage, it has resulted in us having to do a lot of temporary fencing until the many months of road work were over. Recently we have pulled up every single post around the perimeter of the pasture and replaced it in its new location with a brand new post. Fencing is not for the faint of heart folks! It must be one of the most frustrating farm projects out there (at least for the Ganders). It's an incredible amount of work. Mother Nature was giving us a run for her money with an extremely wet Spring adding yet another level of difficulty. At last we have replaced the last post and hung the very last gate necessary to let them out to graze. We are pleased to be done with that project and proud of how it all turned out. The ladies (cows) and their calves are certainly happy to be out on pasture. Speaking of happy cows, there is nothing quite like seeing cows and calves let out to pasture. They kick up their heels and run the fence line with pure joy. In that moment we are reminded that all the hard work is very much worth it. However, we sincerely hope to not have to take on such a large fencing project again until the next generation of Ganders can do all the hard work.

The lucky first ladies out to pasture.

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